Monday, January 25, 2010

i want...

so, after some thought i decided that i wanted a couple of consistent blog topics per week. mondays will be called "i want" because, well, i want it and what better place to indulge myself than my self-indulgent blog? ha, ha! here goes....

to start wearing ties! this one is extra special.

Lessons from a Tailor. Directed by Galen Summer from Ed David on Vimeo.

to watch this one more time.

to say this a little more. although miss chloe would disagree.

this on a prominent wall in my home.

this darling handknit canadian cowl.

to be part of this magic.

to start a collection of these.

to see this asap.

to add this to my inspiration board.

to do a lot more of this.

there it is! happy monday, dear pals. what do you want?

(photos via le train bleu, ffffound, etsy, here comes the sun, backyard bill and my pal mel)

1 comment:

  1. yayayay!

    YES! Please watch "A Single Man" ASAP!

    Love the Russian dolls pic.

    & the tie - channeling: Annie Hall.