Sunday, February 28, 2010

prada fall 2010 and more darling swedes!

i haven't freaked out like this in some time...the glasses! the hair with those coats! ahhhhhh!! love, love, LOVE. move over mad men 60's...welcome the proper secretarial 50's!

i might just have to get these to satisfy my hunger for this prada business...mmmm! delightful.

onto the swedes...seriously! what a beautiful set of voices...el perro del mar just played a show at the triple door on friday night. sadly, i needed to bring home the bacon, so i missed it. but caught some of her live show on KEXP. what a talented lady. of course she's swedish, too.

(images via cafe' mode)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

turn your camera on

gosh, i really, really, REALLY need a camera...but first on the list is a laptop, so i'll need to wait. possibly this summer. i'm looking into either a nikon or a canon slr with automatic options, so if you have any tips i'd love to hear them.

poor little miss is currently getting her three-almost-four-years-old treasured moments captured by a motorola razr phone. sigh.
here's some lovely ladies who are doing it right with their weapons of choice...

(images via sophisticated simplicites, oh lover, audreyhepburncomplex, feaverish and beaute fragile)

(oh and in case you're dying to know about my title for this entry and where it came from, run to the nearest music store or go here. it's a song by spoon and it's fantastic).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

from the beginning we said, i'm the front man and you're the guitarist with mystique

yeah, that's from jeff bebe, or jason lee in almost famous, one of my all-time personal favorite movies. how can you not love that line?

if you really want to geek out with me see imdb here for some little known facts about the film that i know you'll be dropping in and out of your conversations tomorrow.

(images via flickr)

wow. wow. wow.

thanks to shinysquirrel for this.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i want

bonjour! how are you? it's monday! and i'm trying real hard to be consistent about composing "i want mondays" on a weekly basis.
my birthday is right around the corner, so maybe these can turn into "i have's"....

dreamy, wavy locks with gold-dipped feathers! (or a version of)

more wall art...(still no sofa, ha!)

pretty spring lingerie. just cause i can.

miss daisy's gloves.

a french film fest.

these glasses.
a smart, beautiful weekend bag.

a silly tote. although, i might be a little shy carrying it around...nonetheless, it's pretty funny.

yummy breakfasts.
(images via fullmoonbloom, etsy, flickr and gigposters)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

anna sui fall 2010

seriously crushing on ms. sui's fall collection. i've always been a sucker for style focusing on pattern mixing with subtle layering and she is one of the best. granted, varying degrees of her collection over the years can be found at anthropologie and target, but i can always find fresh inspiration from her lovely palette and styling. and don't even get me started on abbey lee....

(images via tinysparklythings and getty)