Thursday, March 18, 2010

on repeat

i've had a gaggle of albums that have been getting some serious rotation around my house, at work and in my car. maybe it's where i'm at in my life or possibly sentimental remnants, but these songs are my current soundtrack....what's on your turntable? please share.

bob dylan, blood on the tracks, 1975

alright! so, numero uno has to be mr. dylan's blood on the tracks. it's delicate poetry wrought with heartbreak and love and just beauty. i have the little miss currently requesting track five, or, "you're gonna make me lonely when you go".
some have said that this album is the chic favorite of the dylan collection, but i was a highway 61 revisited gal for a looooooong time and it's a close tie. i think it's just pertinent to my life right now. it's a gem.
have you heard? if not, RUN, don't walk to the nearest music store. or, download for quick satisfaction.

radiohead, in rainbows, 2008

i have a confession. i didn't totally get all of the chatter about radiohead. sure, i had the romeo and juliet soundtrack from 1996, but what was all the fuss about?
yeah, yeah, i know, i know...but, sometimes i'm a slow learner.
this particular album is smoldering. it's hot and heavy and delicious; a not-so-obvious-make-out album. thom yorke's voice is like honey. ok, enough of the adoration...
i particularly like"house of cards" and "all i need". delicious stuff.

tapestry, carole king, 1972

some people had grilled cheese with tomato soup as comfort food when they were small.
me? i had tapestry. 'nuff said.

neko case, blacklisted, 1999

i know i'm not the only one when i profess this, but i feel like neko knows my insides. completely. especially when i hear, "runnin' out of fools"-a gorgeous rendition of an aretha classic. i'm convinced: she sings and it cures all ailments.

broken bells, 2010

anyone who's been around me the last few weeks knows how much i adore this album.
a collaboration between the shins' james mercer and danger mouse producer extrodinaire brian burton. so, so good.

what's on your repeat? don't be shy...

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