Saturday, August 14, 2010

i heart portland

sweet tee from tender loving empire

recently, i spent a weekend in portland. it's pretty much the coolest place. ever.
it was immensely inspirational! i would live there in a heartbeat if i could. someday....everyone is so sweet, so gracious. not to mention so good-looking. they have a style all their own and no pretention what-so-ever which as we all know, makes them even cooler than they already are.

here are some of the highlights and recommended places to check out if you are lucky enough to

beautiful and lovely lady goods boutique. giovanna, the owner gave my girlfriend and i a list of all the places that we must check out, and to my pleasure, we hit a lot of them.

wow! wow! gorgeous, super thoughtful and charming merchandising style. succulents and geodes. bird feathers and driftwood, sea urchins and cacti. 'nuff said.
lovely! and teeny-tiny. around the corner from una. when we came in the owner was doing an intimate on-the-fly potting demo for some customers. katie and i wanted to live here.

part shop, part gallery. a bit hard to find (behind stand-up comedy). beautifully edited.

de-lish drinks. go during early pm happy hour. and hit the ace hotel's lobby next door for pics in the photo booth.
(also see olympic provisions, their sister place. we didn't get there but it's first on the list for next time)
impeccibly curated. simple and elegant. small collection of jewelry was stunning.

thrift goodness!
i bought the raddest starsky and hutch style big knit cardigan-jacket thing-y. i've worn it
10 out of the last 14 days since we've been back. it still smells like patchouli from the store and i don't care.

super hip graphic design company based out of portland. they've done lots of the design for the ace hotels as well as frances may (super great indie clothing boutique).
their blog is fun, too (thanks to my pal mel for the hint on this one).

(image above: isn't is cool?-is from ork posters. love!)

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