Sunday, April 10, 2011

new music sunday-adele

i admit it. i can be a music snob. (ouch) so, for example, when something is getting a lot of press and wildly mainstream popular, i tend to not even go there and have a listen. case in point is the recent sophomore release from adele. when my friend mary included a track from her on a recent gifted mix, i started shaking things that haven't been shook in some time. i was channeling my inner daisy and lettin' it all loose.
so, i have shelved the pessimistic music critic in me for the time being and am listening to all things good...(it is popular for a reason, lady...sheesh.)


  1. Ha! I am the opposite ... drawn to pop music and then avoiding hipster-y bands when there is too much hype. I should move to the middle, too, eh? Thanks for sharing.

  2. yes, of course, dear mary!